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The Visit to Panama City

Updated: May 8, 2022

An AMAZING city that gives you the best of American and Latin Culture

This photo of Panama City is only a small part of a wonderful country and place to visit

What do you know of Panama City? I used to think it was only famous because of the Panama Canal but it is an amazing place blended with Latin and American culture.

This is the thoughts that i write that won't be in our YouTube video about Panama City.

For Couples and for Kids too.

You ever been to vacation with the kid, or kids and wondered how will I enjoy this if the kids get bored. Panama City has things to do for everyone. I want you to view our video and you will see. The only thing I will say is you need a week to really experience all that Panama has to offer. In March the weather was great. Only a little rain and for the most part 85 degrees everyday and nice at night.

We were with Santi who is 9 years old. We explored the Northern side of Panama on the Atlantic Ocean side. It was said this was the best side. It was 2 hours away from Panama City but well worth it. We visited Isla Grande Beach. The water was the color blue that you know you found a paradise. The cost of this adventure was about $280 dollars for 2 adults and one kid free. We felt feel safer with a guide. The people in the town of Portobelo are negro like me, but speak Spanish. They are very aware they are in a tourist heaven. So they charge $1 to use the bathroom. Kids help you out of the boat. I suspect they have made tips and learned that this is a good way to earn money. There are small hotels on the Island. Not sure what you would want to call them. There is a little town and people that live there and they go back and forth to the mainland by boat. It's only a 5 minute ride. It seems safe. I have never been to sure of staying on an island with a town of people that are living in paradise but probably don't have the money the others have. I imagine they are aware that with any incidents that ruin the reputation of the island, it would harm them. The people that earn their living from the tourism wouldn't be happy. We stayed in Panama City, but we are definitely thinking of staying on the island next time.

The things we didn't get to do was visit Monkey Island. This was something with 4 days we didn't have time to do after visiting the Island. The other things that were available for all that we didn't do were ziplining, Bio Museum, tubing, the Bayano Caves, and I wanted to go bowling. There is a beach that is 30 minutes away by boat from Panama City but the best beaches are all far. We were told 1 hour 30 minutes from Panama City. We decided it was worth it to go with Santi and we weren't disappointed. The food on the island was excellent and included with our tour for 3 people.

The food seems endless with many American franchises available but also seafood that is amazing. There's a fish market and next to that there is several restaurants under one roof and this is where we found amazing seafood. Lobster tails, shrimp and everything we tasted was delicious. Being in Colombia for a while I had to take my wife to a good Chinese restaurant. This is the only thing i have not found in Ibague is a good Chinese restaurant. SO I took them to PF Changs. I know it is a typical restaurant but they have good Chinese food and I was glad they had one in Panama City. I only wish they had Red Lobster because I miss those biscuits.

The last thing is we could have rented a car but Uber was very economical in Panama City. If we did rent, the driving is like the driving in USA and isn't complicated. If you want you can rent and drive to the beaches but as I said before, the guides seem to know the people and it feels safer and you know what your paying because the one thing people do in most places is overcharge tourist if they can. You get the premium prices for not having a tour guide.

I hope this helped those who are going to Panama City.



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